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Client – John Hu Migration Consulting would like to drive a long run always on lead generation campaign via search, social and display channels


Client is well known in the migration industry. However, in this digital age, there is lack of brand awareness in digital media channels.

In fact, the migration industry needs tons of leads to expand the potential consumer pool. For the consumer pool, targeted audiences have to be well educated and willing to spend on high value products.

Expanding the potential consumer pool based on the current targeting pool able to drive lookalike and similar audience. It aims to enlarge the targeting pool so that it reaches new people who are likely to be interested in client’s services.

Planning & Execution

Campaign is divided into two direction and running at the same time :

1.Always on

– Reach people who are similar to current customers -> Mainly retargeting current consumers’ interests, behaviour and demographic

2. Tactical campaign

- Running campaign with promotional messages which hit current society hot topic E.g: COVID-19, National Security Law

- Each potential lead starts to notice the brand and services along with useful information that will move deeper into sign up funnel

****Landing Page:
A powerful tool can be placed in Social and Search channels to demonstrate all services to interested parties and gathering their contact information

Social Media:

  • For awareness level, it is going to launch in social media platforms in both Facebook and Instagram to reach all different age consumers and social media able to personalized messages to cater media users’ needs.

SEO and SEM:

  • Most of the searchers are searching with intention, they desire to purchase a service.

- Brand keywords fit for retargeting:
Searchers are already familiar with brand and service, all they need is looking for a right fit service to purchase

- Generic keywords fit for prospecting:
Searchers are looking for a service but they have no idea what they need exactly. Therefore, they tend to read more information to narrow down their need


  • Other than always on display banner to reach consumers recalling them the brand and services, tactical campaign is the best way to do prospecting

  • Tactical campaign is a vital role in the display part. It helps to attract new audiences who are likely to convert and become customers.

Prospecting target users who have not yet visited your site. Using a similar audience to those who convert on your site from Always on campaign. The most effective way to deliver the banners.

Effectiveness / Results

SEO: 77% target keywords in top page

Tremendous organic traffic improvements month on month

- April to May 2020 saw 126& increase in users, with 134% increase in new users in organic channel.
- User behaviour improved too, with better pages per session, average session durations, and lower bounce rates.

Facebook Ads:
Performance Overview:
Total Impressions Total link clicks Actual Media Spend Total Leads
544,776 2,974 $23,625.09 44

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