Orange Days

The KTM 200 Duke, while metro cities accepted this KTM’s product with open arms, KTM’s long-term success needed the acceptance of customers from smaller towns and tier 2/3 cities in India.

The brand needed a lot of groundwork to educate, inform and build awareness and excitement for the products. Thus, Program Orange Days and Orange rides Country wide, a platform for KTM owners to gather and meet fellow owners and enthusiasts. KTM through such events also allowed bike owners to appreciate the ample thrills that a KTM bike can provide on a race track. The Orange days were conducted in every major city and kept on growing in scale.
Objective - Build awareness through media let event showcasing the performance and innovation of KTM motorcycle

Planning & Execution

Audience insight: Purchase of bikes is more driven by passion than by affordability.
Strategy development:

  • Give the audience a touch, feel of the KTM Bike

  • Develop a strong media led campaign by inviting local journalists to witness ‘The Orange day’ (The stunt show/ Track days).

  • In Tier 2 towns where circuses are popular, KTM offered stunt shows and races, showcasing the product and its performance.

Effectiveness / Results

Results & Evaluation

  • The sustained hyper local Orange Day regional media campaign has established visibility and salience for brand KTM, making it a leading brand in Karnataka, Andhra, and Kerala, No.2 brand in Maharashtra and a fierce challenger in Tamilnadu state

  • ‘Orange Day’ has elevated KTM to the no.1 premium sports motorcycle brand in India, amongst motorcycle enthusiasts.

  • This result has been achieved purely on the basis of communication and activation.

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